21st Century Community Developers, LLC

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21st Century Community Developers (21stCCD) is a Socially Responsible Enterprise founded in Columbus, Ohio by Mr. Joshua Frasier in 2008 and relocated to Newport News Virginia in 2016. 

With more than 40 years’ experience in the field of Information Technology, Mr. Frasier has served industry and governments by enhancing performance, increasing productivity, reducing costs and increasing the value of Organizations, People and Technology.

The key to his doing this was by viewing economies as  "living systems" with an anatomy and physiology  composed of organizations, people and technology which must grow and be sustainable to be healthy.

 In order for our economy to grow effectively and efficiently, we must ensure that our organizations with its people and technology are continuously developed intellectually. 

21stCCD seeks to share with our clients and strategic partners, our economic development technologies which are designed to accelerate development of new income while significantly reducing costs.


Our Mission:

To use our proven technology which is designed for accelerating economic turnaround of organizations, to quickly bring about the following conditions;

1. Convert the Intellectual capital of people, organizations and technology into new income stream.

2. Accelerate training of employees by developing novices into experts with our Bio-Cybernetics Cognitive Tutor.

3. Significantly reduce costs related to employee training and business improvement.


Our Goals:

1. Develop a national network of project teams to use our technology to reduce costs, build continuous new revenue while eliminating the negative effects of recessions which have had detrimental effects on or businesses and consumers for decades.

2. Develop a national network of Small Business Owners who will be licensed to use our technology to provide services to local businesses both profit and non-profit.

3. Get all of our unemployed workers back to work within 5 years.

Joshua M. Frasier, President/CEO, 21stCCD, LLC



Our latest technology is called Bio-Cybernetic Cognitive Tutor. This technology is key to Economic Development, Growth, and Sustainability.

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