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All About Us

21st Century Community Developers (21stCCD) is a Socially Responsible Enterprise founded in Columbus, Ohio by Mr. Joshua Frasier in 2008 and relocated to Newport News Virginia in 2016. 

With more than 35 years’ experience in the field of Information Technology, Mr. Frasier has served industry, government, and schools in bringing about performance and value improvement of People, Organizations, and Properties.

Mr. Frasier has done this by viewing the Economy as a "Living System" whose Anatomy is composed of People, Organizations, and Properties. In order for our Economy to be effective and efficient, the (Intellectual) development and growth of People, Organizations, and Properties must be one of its goals. .

As an Economic Development Organization, 21stCCD, LLC creates Economic Value Add (EVA) for People, Organizations, and Properties from Intellectual Capital resources they already own.   

Our Mission:

Provide economic development, growth and sustainability of people, organizations, and properties on a continuous basis in an effort to reverse the effects of the Global Recession within 5 years.

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Best regards.

Joshua M. Frasier, President/CEO, 21stCCD, LLC


Knowledge Plasma - For Adding Value to & Extracting Value from People, Organizations and Properties!







Knowledge Plasma is the key to developing Economic Value, Growth and Sustainability.