21st Century Community Developers, LLC

About Us

As an Economic Development Organization, 21stCCD, LLC seeks to build strategic alliances with other socially responsible organizations in the public and private sector, in an effort to bring about the changes needed to grow, improve, and sustain our economy. 

We have several high-tech training programs designed to enable entrepreneurs earn continuous income while building a team of people who will provide services to financially turnaround organizations in industries and government.

These programs will be accessible online and via live classroom training.  

By sharing/licensing our innovative technologies and teaching others to do the same, you'll find that Intellectual Capital is not just another form of capital but it's the fundamental economic element for new products, new services, new growth and new profits.

In fact, you'll learn from our training programs, that innovations and their related Intellectual Assets are the missing elements in our economy for real economic turnaround.   

By sharing our technology with all organizations in Industry, Government and Academia,our economy will begin to grow and become healthy and sustainable in less than a decade.

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We are forming a national group of public and private firms with Organizational Economic Turnaround as our objective. We have the technology, the strategy, and the will.

We need your participation. Get more information from our brochure.