21st Century Community Developers, LLC

About Us

As an Economic Development Organization, 21stCCD, LLC seeks to build a Business Economic Turnaround Alliance, BETA, using strategic alliances with organizations in the public and private sector.  

BETA will bring about the financial and performance improvement changes needed to grow, improve, and sustain our local and national economy. 

As a business owner, you'll find that more than 80% of your income producing assets are buried in your business model. Using our technology, these assets are tapped, digitized and monetized by creating new assets, new products, new services and continuous new income leading to growth.

The activity to do this in your organization is paid for by our government via tax credits and tax deductions and is called Research & Development (R&D). 

By sharing and applying our technology with organizations in Industry, Government and Academia our economy will begin to grow and become healthy and sustainable within 2 years!

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We are forming a national group of public and private firms called BETA; Business Economic Turnaround Alliance. We have the technology, the strategy, and the will to achieve an economic turnaround.for your business.

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