21st Century Community Developers, LLC

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21st Century Community Developers (21stCCD) is a Socially Responsible Enterprise founded in Columbus, Ohio by Mr. Joshua Frasier in 2008 and relocated to Newport News Virginia in 2016. 

With more than 40 years’ experience in the field of Information Technology, Mr. Frasier has served industry, governments and schools by enhancing performance, boosting income and reducing costs of people, processes and technology.

According to Mr. Frasier, the key to doing this was by perceiving economies as  "bodies of living systems" with anatomies and physiologies composed of organizations with people, processes and technology to do the work. 

 Therefore, to build a growing and healthy economy, it is our mission to ensure that our client organizations have direct access to capital and the expert performance knowledge needed by its people, processes and technology. 

To do this, 21stCCD seeks to share our technology with industry, governments  and higher education institutes to accomplish the following:

Our Mission:

1. Uncover and extract significant capital buried in client's business model.

1. Create high value assets and income streams for businesses starting within 30 days.

2. Accelerate performance of employees from novice level to expert level in less than 30 days.

3. Produce continuous income by sharing this improved job knowledge internally and externally for profits.

Our Goals:

1. Develop a national network of Business Owners who will be licensed to use our technology to accomplish our mission. This network is called the Business Economic Turnaround Alliance (BETA).

2. Business licensees will outsource  R&D Contracts to local colleges, universities, their faculty and students along with local job seekers.

3. Quickly train all to use our technology to perform the R&D Contracts to meet our goals. 


Joshua M. Frasier, President/CEO, 21stCCD, LLC



Our latest technology is called PIMPLeS; Performance Improvement Programmable Learning System. This technology is key to Economic Development, Growth, and Sustainability of organizations, cities, states and entire economies.

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